5 Beginner Mistakes to Avoid When Playing Poker

1)Biggest mistake to avoid, do not play too many hands
Most beginners are unaware of how strong there poker hand is and tend to play with hands that should really be folded from the start.

2)Do not get too aggressive with raises.
A common beginner mistake is betting high raises with too many weak poker hands. This could possibly be due to the fact the play is in experienced enough to see the hand is weak or they are trying to play aggressive poker too soon. Understand that many of the experienced aggressive players (especially pro’s) like to play the players not the cards, they are aggressive because after years of playing they can spot weakness in their opponents face so they bully their way to winning with aggressive raises. A beginner player will not yet have the knowledge or ability to do this yet and hi raises with weak hands by them will cost them a lot of their chip stack.

3)Do not jump to high stake games to quickly
Start off in low blind games, too often players move up to higher stake games much too fast, quickly damaging their overall bankroll. If you’re just starting to play online poker and you have very little playing experience, choose the “play money” (fake cash) option and get used poker88 to the online game that way, then play micro blind games ($0.01/$0.02). Slowly make a profit and when you have made enough profit and feel confident enough move to a slightly higher stake game and build up your game that way.

If live casino tournaments is your thing then why not invest in a little poker set up of your own. Get used to poker by playing with your mates at home first then see about entering a low buy in tournament at the casino and work on your game from there. Poker is a patient game, working on your game and winning a profit can be a slow process but this way you avoid getting yourself into any debt and learn the game properly knowing your strengths and limits.

4)Do not get carried away with suited hands.
Too Many beginner poker player’s rate suited hands to highly. If the cards are high and suited like K, Q great! But too many times players will call with hands like K,6 or A,3 just because they are suited.

5)Always use the correct poker terminology when playing bets
This might seem a strange mistake to list but poker terminology can catch all kinds of players out. What’s known as string betting is a common beginner mistake. All you need to know is whatever your first call is that’s what you must play. For example a player bets $10 to the pot, then next player says “I call your $10 and raise another $10” (this is string betting) their raise would not be accepted in a proper game of poker. The dealer will ALWAYS go with your first bet which is just calling $10. The correct statement would be “I raise $20” Therefore covering the $10 bet and resizing $10.

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