Always Offer High-Perceived Value Bonuses to Your Products

Most people who sell products know that in order to add value to their offering, they need to add bonus products. However, not all bonus products are created equal. Many product sellers are disappointed that their products don’t sell better and their bonus products may be to blame. Without high-perceived value bonuses, there’s no point in adding bonuses at all.

There’s a difference between adding a large number of bonuses to a product and adding bonuses that your target market will actually appreciate. If the bonuses are valuable, they won’t help the buyer make the decision to buy.

Many marketers just add bonuses for the sake of bonuses.

They offer the same bonuses everyone else in the niche is togel slot online offering. If a person has spent any amount of time researching products to buy, they’ll recognize these bonuses as being low quality and they’ll pass the main offer by.

On the other hand, quality bonuses can really make a difference in how much a person will be willing to spend. They may see your product which is sold at $67 and initially may be resistant to buy.

However, if they see a list of products that they were going to purchase anyway included as bonuses, or see bonuses that speak directly to their needs, they will see that $67 is a great deal for all the value that they are getting.

The first step to making the most out of your bonuses is to start with quality bonuses. Create them from scratch, heavily edit PLR or purchase resale rights to new, high-quality products.

They have to be directly related to your main product and help fill in the gaps or add value to the product. Be sure they stand out from other bonuses offered in your niche.

Once you’ve gotten a hold of quality bonuses, you need to help your audience perceive them as being high quality. A screenshot of the cover and the name of the bonus will not be enough. You’ve got to sell them on the bonus just as you sell them on the product itself.

You won’t have to create a complete sales page for each bonus product but you will need to point out the major selling points. Take each of your bonus products and develop a short list of bullet points that highlight the benefits of owning the bonus. Give each bonus a small headline to attract attention.

The last key to making sure that your bonus is perceived as being high value is to let your market know exactly how much value they are getting for free. If you tell them how much the product would sell for normally, they’ll be able to realize what a great deal this is. When you offer perceived high value bonuses, you’ll make the purchasing decision easy for your prospects.

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