Are You Able to Pitch Your Innovative Ideas and Creative Concepts?

Every great and brilliant idea needs a pitch man, a spokesperson, a personality, someone with passion behind the plan. Perhaps that’s why Steve Jobs is so celebrated at Apple, he is definitely the pitch man behind the products. And due to his excellent ability as a spokesperson he has created quite a following, brand, and a cult-like group of hundreds of millions of consumers. That’s what I mean when I say that you need to be able to pitch your innovative ideas and creative concepts. That is if you want to see them to fruition, and or if you want to change the world with your brilliant new invention or concept.

Now then, if you have a great idea, or perhaps an invention, you have to convince other people that the idea is worthy, to get them on board to either fund it, partner up with you, or buy your invention or concept. If you are in an organization and you want to convince people of your idea, you must also be able to pitch your idea in a strong, powerful, and passionate way. And if your idea is totally new and revolutionary  InventHelp– it will be hated, you will be ridiculed, and people will think you are crazy. But that’s okay, that’s just the first phase in the long process of acceptance.

They say that first they call you crazy, then they will think the concept is interesting, and eventually it is adopted – and you will move from lunatic to genius in their minds. It’s just a process, you can’t take it personally, but since it’s your idea you probably will. Now then, somewhere deep inside yourself you have to project your passion because that’s how you start getting people to listen. Yes, humans can be really problematic and quite mean-spirited in a group, you may even come to consider them hostile, but again, you can’t take it personally. Rather you have to speak with conviction, believe, and be able to defend your reasoning.InventHelp

Without this ability you will just be one more person with hundreds of great ideas that never came to pass. One day you will find that someone else is making a million dollars off some invention that you thought of 10 years ago. Guess what, it happens to me almost every week or so, but perhaps that’s because I may not have been passionate with my ideas and concepts at the time, or I didn’t get off my butt to go and pitch them to the right people.

Perhaps you will learn from my mistakes and learn how to pitch your creative ideas. If you have a great idea or concept, humane e-mail, maybe we can discuss how best to develop your marketing plan. It might give me something fun to talk about it my retirement. In any case please consider all this and think on it.



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