Bug Detector – Travel Safety With a Bug Detector – Not About Insects

These days with many hidden cameras and audio recording devices, some folks enjoy having the ability to detect a hidden camera or microphone, and for that reason, modern technology gives us the opportunity with a bug detector. So, now you can find out if someone is watching you and/or listening to your conversations.

Bug detectors are normally a little hand held, battery operated device with a small antenna, and you can walk around the room or area “sweeping” for any item putting off radio frequency energy. Most hidden cameras and microphones operate by using a very tiny radio transmitter to send the sound or picture to a recording unit elsewhere, so the hidden camera or microphone is emitting a signal over a radio frequency and it can be detected with a bug detector.

A bug detector might use the latest micro Electronic Bug Detector processor circuitry for the most accurate detection of a wireless transmission, and it might have a LCD screen to display the actual frequency that is being detected. Or a bug detector might have a strength meter to show the strength of the radio signal being received. A decent hand held bug detector might be just what you need, and you can expect to spend between two hundred and three hundred dollars for this amazing and much needed technology.

You never know when you can be attending a meeting, and the discussion will be of things that are highly confidential, or you may be an invited guest to somewhere and you need to insure your privacy, before making a phone call to discuss a topic that is important and needs to be highly safeguarded against any possible eavesdropping, electronic or otherwise. These days, and in the future, a bug detector may be a real necessity.

Bug detectors, as well as hidden cameras and other surveillance items are not usually found at department stores, due to their cost and specific limited audience, however they can usually be found from an online retailer offering quality merchandise of this type. Regardless of where you find or buy one, you will enjoy peace of mind, and better security before speaking, after scanning the room to be sure of whether or not the room contains hidden cameras or microphones.

We at Guard Yourself Now have a special interest in you and your family’s safety. When you are away from home in the Office, On a business trip, or just a family vacation know your surrounding Carry a bug detector everywhere. You never know the next time your in the ladies room if they have installed a hidden Camera. Only the bug detector will let you know with a quick scan if someone is spying on you.

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