Hooked Rug Pillow Kits – Fun For Everyone!

Pillows can bring comfort in more than one way at my home. Projects with your children not only pass time and teach your children a craft; the project brings you closer together as a family. Hooked rug pillow kits are fairly easy to put together but they take time. This can teach your children patience as well as giving you time to bond. These pillows are also fun for your children to Velcro use and are perfect as accessories in their bedrooms.

Traditionally, women would take burlap, usually flour sacks, and draw the wanted design. The burlap was stretched on a frame and then strips of wool were drawn through to create the loops. The hook was pushed through the fabric then the wool was looped and pulled through to make short loops on the other side. This was done by color through the design, usually starting in the middle. Once the rug was finished, a binding was added to the edges and then the rug could be stitched to a pillow.

The modern hooked rug kits are latch hook method instead of the traditional hooked rug method. Short pieces of yarn are looped through a hook, and then the hook is taken through a hole in a mesh backing. The hook goes in one hole and out of the next. The yarn is then pulled through a loop in the piece and pulled through itself leaving two ends sticking up while the center of the piece of yarn is tied to the rug backing.

This type of hooked rug isn’t usually stretched on a frame (but can be) and instead of starting in the center, these are started at the bottom and worked upward to the top. Once finished, a binding is added to the edges and then the rug can be used as a wall hanging or made into a pillow. These usually aren’t large enough to be used as floor coverings.

To make a pillow out of a hooked rug, you can either purchase a pillow that is the same size/shape as the rug or you can make one. If you start with a purchased pillow, you only need to stitch the rug to the pillow. The binding you use on the edges of the rug can be a cording that will accent the pillow.

Before stitching the rug to anything, you should iron it. First cover the back of the rug with a damp cloth and iron carefully on a low setting. Pull out any wrinkles while doing this. Once you have the rug straightened out, you can stitch the rug to the pillow.

You can also stitch fabric to the rug to make a pillow cover and slip a pillow inside instead of affixing the rug to a pillow, this allows for easier cleaning. Another way to make a pillow with one of these rugs is to choose your filling and fabric then make a pillow using the rug as one of the sides. Lay the rug face down on a piece of fabric, stitch the edges, turn right side out and fill.

However you choose to make a hooked rug pillow, if you make this a family project, the pillow will be more than a room accent; it will be a family heirloom as well as a treasured memory.

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