How to Become a Solution Provider in a Commercial Real Estate Agency

In commercial real estate agency, you are the property specialist to become a solution provider. If you specialise in a property type and location, this solution concept will help you build better market share and convert more exclusive listings. The clients that we serve need expert agents in both property type and location.

It is no secret that the property market today has a number of challenges for landlords and for property investors. Here are some of the challenges that we see currently:


  • Properties are staying on the market a long time when it comes to a sales promotion.
  • The vacancy rates in properties can be high and finding the right tenants can take time.
  • The prices for some properties have become variable and in many cases have fallen.
  • The rentals for some properties are lower than what the landlords are seeking, and are impacted by the availability of incentives.
  • The competition between agents is high.


However, it is still an agents market that has lots of opportunity for you. The abundance of listings means that opportunities exist to find the right properties, and to match the correct people to in a sales or a leasing situation.

To a great degree, your success in this market will be supported by the size of your database and its accuracy. The agents that have maintained a good database over the years together with a good client contact process have little problem when it comes to maintaining commissions and income in this market.

If you are struggling with listings and Blossoms Condo commissions today, it is time to consider your prospecting model and lift it to the next level. Get back in touch with the people that matter in this property industry.

Many property investors and landlords require exceptional property assistance today. They need the help of expert agents that really understand how to attract the right people to a sale or lease situation.

Build a powerful network of qualified prospects and clients. That will then help you construct a circle of influence when it comes to putting the correct deals together. It is notable that many top agents are creating deals off market and away from the eyes of the media or other agents; your circle of influence will help with that. It will also help you strengthen your market share, and grow referral business with quality clients and prospects.

So what solutions can you provide in this market today?

Here are some ideas to help:


  • Understanding where you can get tenant leads and opportunities from
  • Knowing what tenants are looking for when it comes to property improvements and location
  • Understanding how to get finance for a property transaction and support the sale price
  • How to choose the right level of marketing that attracts the best enquiry
  • How to select the correct method of sale or method of lease to match the buyers and tenants that are looking for property changeover
  • How to find buyers for particular property types in your region
  • How to improve the net income for the property through carefully staged rental structures and outgoings recoveries
  • How to minimize the vacancy factor in a challenging property market
  • How to market well located properties to attract the correct levels of interest and inspections
  • How to help the landlords and the sellers of property today move through the challenges of marketing and time on market


These things allow us to thrive as commercial real estate agents in today’s market conditions. It all comes back to who you know and how you keep the contact active and relevant. This is a business based on communication and people.

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