How To List Kittens For Sale

Kittens are some of the most beloved creatures on earth. They are cute, cuddly, and don’t yet have the claws to punish you when they’ve grown tired of your attention. However, if your cat bestows a whole litter of them upon you, those adorable balls of fluff will quickly turn into a major problem. If you opt to post that you have kittens for sale on a few websites, you need to ensure the post you’ve made will stand out to any potential pet owners. These are a few tips that will ensure that people are desperate for your kitties before they ever see another link. maine coon kittens for sale near me

Photos Create Connection

These days it is so easy to create false advertisements on the Internet that people are conditioned to assume that most things they see online are not true. In fact, there is a large section of the web-savvy public who has trained their minds to completely ignore any posting that does not contain at least one picture. When advertising your kittens for sale, you absolutely must have a picture of the litter displayed prominently on the post. The more photos you have the better. Not only does each additional photograph provide more credibility to your post, but they will also keep the potential buyer on your listing longer. As they click through the pictures, their emotional investment in your kitties will grow.

List Each Kitten Individually

When a person reads a listing that simply says “kittens for sale,” their mind immediately begins to think in the plural. Most buyers will only be looking to bring one animal into their home, and by looking at the entire group, the brain must take additional steps from curiosity to actual buying decision. They have to create their own connection with one of the animals, rather than having the right choice presented to them. If you cannot take the time to create individual posts for each kitten, you should at minimum create a separation in the litter with the listing. Describe each cat individually, have pictures that feature each one more prominently, and encourage people to come pick up their favorite quickly before it is gone.

Put A Name To A Face

If you decide to create individual posts, give each potential pet a name. Even though the family will likely change their new pet’s name, seeing a name and a face creates an attachment immediately. As with your group post, have multiple pictures from many different angles. At least one photo should be looking directly into the camera. By connecting a name to the face that’s staring right at them, you’ll be creating a powerful emotional response within any potential buyer.

Never forget that buying is an emotional decision whether its cars, vacuums, or kittens for sale. By creating that emotional connection, you will increase the desire in the buyer, and urge them to a quick response.

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