Macau Hostels – The Best Cheap Accommodations in Asia’s Gambling Mecca

Macau, China’s leading gambling and gaming destination, is famous for its swanky casino-resorts, where high-heeled guests pour thousands of dollars on the Baccarat tables, but surprisingly enough, this characterful city also has a few decent hostels, where backpackers can lay their heads comfortably, without having to break their savings…

This article will introduce you to three of the best hostels in Macau.

1) Auguster’s Lodge is a tiny Macau hostel, tacked in an ugly building within the city centre, just in between the famous Casino Lisboa and Senado Square, and although the hostel is very small in size, it has become incredibly popular among backpackers and low budget travellers, mainly because it is the only hostel in Macau where you can sleep in a real dormitory, like the ones you find in hostels in big cities around the world. Proper air-conditioning and clean showers are also among this hostel’s advantages, and so is its fantastic location: Only five minutes walk from many of Macau’s sightseeing spots.

2) The iconic SanVa Hotel has been part of Macau for almost a hundred years and although the accommodation here is somewhat spartan, it still makes one of the best options for backpackers who want to enjoy a good location and plenty of ambience at a good price.

Nestled within a colonial Portuguese house along historic Rua da Felicidade, this characterful guesthouse is within a short stroll to some of Macau’s top attractions and sightseeing spots, as well as to numerous restaurants and authentic eateries. What’s more, the hostel’s management is planning to renovate the old establishment, which means that pretty soon the shabby, old rooms will give way to something more reasonable, and air-conditioned… 바카라

3) Just like the SanVaHotel Ko Wah also occupies an excellent position on historic Rua da Felicidade, just a few minutes walk from popular sightseeing spots like Senado SquareLargo de Santo Agostinho, The Museum of Macau and Ruins of St. Paul’s… Unlike the average Macau hostel, this establishment is the closest you can get to a hotel, without having to spend the kind of money it takes to stay in a hotel… The rates here are certainly higher than in most of the hostels in Macau, but if you don’t mind spending a few more dollars for a proper guestroom, with air-condition, clean bathroom and some other facilities, Ko Wah is certainly an option worth thinking about.

As you can see, there are hostels in Macau that can provide decent accommodation to backpackers like you, at a reasonable cost… Now you also know them.



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