Rattan Wicker Furniture is the Most Popular Kind of Wicker Furniture

One of the most popular type furniture used outdoors is wicker furniture. But that does not mean it can not be used as indoor furniture. It is durable, easy to maintain and practical. Even it looks beautiful and gives a sense of warmth.

Generation after generation have used wicker. Why is it so popular? It never stops being attractive and comfortable. This furniture is very versatile and comes in different shapes, colors and sizes. Wicker fits perfectly with any design and suits a wide range of tastes.

What makes wicker so incredible? It is the unique way of its production. Wicker is derived from plant fibers. They have been treated so they have become hard and strong. After that, they can be used for making furniture. Most used plants for producing these fibers are rattan, bamboo, reeds and willows. For making wicker, synthetic fibers which are stronger and more durable than plant fibers also are used. The final product comes as a result of weaving the fibers in to Indoor Wicker Furniture the desired piece of furniture.

Rattan wicker furniture is the most popular kind of wicker furniture. Rattan is a kind of palm that grows abundantly in Asia, Africa and Australia. These plants are similar to bamboo, but the difference is in the stems. Rattans stems are solid, while those of bamboo are hollow. This makes rattan more durable compared to other natural materials. It can withstand the forces of nature, so that makes it the ideal choice for outdoor furniture.

Wicker furniture can be protected by adding a layer of varnish so it can keep its natural color. Depending on the existing design in the room, you can paint the furniture in the desired color.

It is easy to maintain wicker furniture. It only needs regular dusting with a soft cloth and once or twice a year you should wash it with water and mild detergent.

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