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Before purchasing a Yorkie puppy from an online Yorkie breeder, it is pertinent to find out how to train your Yorkie puppy. Yorkies, short for Yorkshire Terriers, are a very intelligent breed of dog; however, they require firm training as they are known for being very independent and sometimes stubborn. For example, Yorkies do not respond to scolding or physical pain, they respond to firm voices and understand them. Always use positive reinforcements with Yorkies, including treats and affection; they will learn tricks at a much faster pace. Because Yorkies are easily distracted, it is important, when training them, to remove distractions, including other pets or individuals. Also, you want to stay on one task for a long period of time and not switch between multiple commands, as it will Affordable french bulldog confused the Yorkie.

Crating is one of the most popular methods utilized when it comes to training a Yorkie puppy. Make sure to select a crate or kennel that is big enough for the Yorkie to move around in and grow bigger in. Always furnish the crate with comfortable bedding that is easy to take out and clean, and a few toys. Keep in mind that for the first few weeks or so, accidents will occur in the crate. It is important that you do not scold the Yorkie but rather clean it up with a non-toxic sanitizing cleaner to get rid of the scent and the stains. Crating should begin after nine weeks. Do not force Yorkies into the crate, rather entice them with treats. Eventually, you can get rid of the treats once the Yorkie understand the command to go into the crate. When first beginning to crate, only shut the door of the crate for a small amount of time. Eventually you can start increasing the amount of time the door is closed. Take your Yorkie puppy outside for “potty times” at the times in which you have set up for a regular schedule, like after eating a meal. After awhile, not wanting to go to the bathroom in the place where they lie AND after understanding when walking times are, the Yorkie will become vocal of when it needs to go out, rather than doing it in the house or in the crate.

If you do not want to use a crate, Yorkie breeders suggest training your Yorkie using newspapers or specially designed “puppy pads.” The pads or paper need to be placed in a location of your home where it will not cause harm to the Yorkie puppy or any important items you own. As the Yorkie puppy continues to use the paper or pad, move it closer to the door leading out of your home. Eventually, you can place the paper outside and the Yorkie puppy will then get used to going to the bathroom outside of the home.

If you provide the time and the effort for training your Yorkie puppy, it will be a very fruitful, very loving relationship!

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