World of Warcraft Gold – Profitable Trade Skills

World of Warcraft players have a lot of activities available at any given time but what about the times when you just don’t feel like questing or are waiting in the queue to get into an instanced dungeon? That is a good time to raise your trade skills in WoW.

There are several different trades available to gamers including tailoring, skinning, leatherworking, blacksmithing, engineering, enchanting, herbalism, jewelcrafting and mining.

Tailoring is a good skill to take up, particularly if you are a cloth-wearing class like a priest, magician or warlock. Looting most humanoid monsters in World of Warcraft, gives you a very good chance of getting pieces of cloth that can be tailored into cloth armor and various other valuable items such as bags. Bags sell very well in the auction houses that can be found in most major cities of Norrath. Cloth may also be found in chests or awarded in World of Warcraft quests.

Skinning and leatherworking kind of go hand in hand. The corpses of beasts may be skinned to provide leather for the leatherworking trade. Hunters and shamans wear leather armor until level 40 when they can start to wear mail armor. Rogues and druids use leather armor for their entire careers. Leatherworkers can craft leather armor, ammo pouches, quivers and other useful items.

The mining trade is performed by using a mining pick on nodes of ore that can be found scattered all over.

Blacksmiths use metal ore to make chain and plate armor and weapons. Warriors and paladins wear mail armor until level 40 after which they can wear plate. Death Knights begin their careers at level 55 and so always wear plate armor.

Engineers use mined ores to make all sorts of handy  Buy wow gold gadgets.

Jewelcrafters use ore to make jewelry and prospect ores to acquire gems to ply their trade.

Herbalism is the art of picking various plants that can be found in all World of Warcraft environments. These plants can then be fashioned into potions to perform a number of things including restoring mana and health.

Enchanters can add statistics to improve armor and weapons. They can also disenchant items and gain valuable materials for more enchantments.


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